President Donald Trump praised Newsmax’s election coverage in his salute to media actively covering his campaign’s legal battles against voter fraud, including playing 4 minutes of Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield” to his raucous rally Saturday night.

“I’ll tell ya, we have some great new people,” Trump told the large and boisterous Valdosta, Georgia, crowd, “Newsmax.”

The rally cheered loudly when Trump called out the “fake news.”

“That’s a big group of people back there,” Trump said. “That is a lot of fake news. But now we call it the fake news and the suppression news. I use the word suppression.

Trump supporters demonstrated against Fox News before the rally Saturday, chanting “Fox is fake news,” calling them “traitors” and lamenting “we trusted you,” the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported.

“They’ve got a new thing going. This happened since Hunter [Biden’s laptop], because we were killing them on Hunter stealing money from every country; he was a human vacuum cleaner, and it was hurting them badly. All of a sudden, big tech together with their partner the Democrats and their partner the fake news media, they decide, under no circumstances will we ever talk about it again.

“It’s hard to have a scandal if they won’t talk about it.”

Then came Trump’s praise for those willing to cover the Biden laptop findings and the election and voter fraud allegations, including Newsmax.

Trump’s signature large video screen then showed over 4 minutes of Newsmax TV host Grant Stinchfield’s Friday report on Georgia’s State Farm Arena surveillance video showing ballot counting continuing on Election Night after Republican poll observers were told to go home because the counting was done for the night.

Watch the Trump campaign rally showing “Stinchfield,” which was also broadcast on Fox News and other media showing that portion of the rally:


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