Recently, more than 4,000 Georgia voters were purged from the voter rolls after a Georgia resident presented enough information to the court which indicated that after cross-referencing voter registration addresses with a database, it was concluded that those voters had moved out of state and were no longer eligible.

“I believe that each of the individuals named … as a result of registering their name and change of address to a location outside of Muscogee County, removed to another state with the intention of making the new state their residence,” Ralph Russell, the man who lodged the challenge, said earlier this month.

“Thus, each individual has lost their residence in Muscogee County, and consequently, each individual is ineligible to vote in Muscogee County,” he added, according to Politico.

Just a few days later, the Muscogee board convened and backed Russell’s claims and evidence, ruling 3-1 to remove those voters from the rolls with the exception that if they could vote using a provisional ballot and prove that their residency was still intact.

Tommy Roberts, a Georgia resident of Ben Hill County, presented similar evidence to the county board, which rule 2-1 in his favor.

Fast-forwarding to this week, however, those challenges were immediately tossed out by a federal judge named Leslie Abrams Gardner. And if you recognize the “Abrams” in her name — the answer is that not only is she related to failed gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams — she’s actually her sister.

On Monday, she ordered that the voter purge approved in both counties be immediately reversed.

National Democratic Party attorney Marc Elias praised Gardner’s decision, calling it a “blow to GOP voter suppression.”

“We continue to monitor how other Georgia counties respond to the suppression scheme,” Elias said. “Where necessary, we will sue and we will win.”

Gardner claimed that the purge violated federal law, as the counties involved didn’t provide ample time to the voters in question to correct or modify their information. Also, that type of “voter roll cleaning” is not allowed within a 90-day period of a federal election.

Muscogee County officials challenged the ruling, demanding that Gardner recuse herself from the case given her connections to her sister and the political orbit of Georgia politics.

Making matters even more interesting — and outrageous — is this little tidbit:

“The motion requesting Gardner’s recusal noted that a voter registration group affiliated with Abrams, Fair Fight, filed a suit in another federal court in Georgia last week complaining that a national organization dedicated to targeting voter fraud, True the Vote, is making unjustified challenges to Georgia voters in the lead-up to the Jan. 5 runoffs,” Politico reported.

But not surprisingly, Gardner, who has the power to recuse herself, denied the demand and noted as much in her ruling.

“The Court has reviewed the motion and finds no basis for recusal. An Order detailing the Court’s reasoning is forthcoming,” Gardner wrote.

In other words, this situation doesn’t require a political science degree to realize that Gardner seems to be wielding her considerable power as a federal judge to bolster her sister’s ambitions of increasing the Democratic voter rolls in a state that on January 5 will need every eligible, warm body to show up to the polls and vote.

All we can do at this point is pray that enough Republican voters will emerge on that day and help lead a Republican victory.


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