Turns out the self-proclaimed teacher who flipped out on anti-lockdown protesters in Bend, Oregon, over the weekend and spewed multiple F-bombs at them wasn’t lying.

She’s indeed a teacher in nearby Jefferson County School District 509-J — and officials there placed her on paid administrative leave while the district investigates the incident, KTVZ-TV reported.

As TheBlaze reported Monday, the teacher in question was caught on video cursing out the peaceful protesters from her Subaru at the intersection of Northwest Greenwood Avenue and Northwest Wall Street.

Wearing a headband with her COVID-19 mask dangling below her chin, the ponytailed leftist let loose on protesters: “Bitch! Kill yourself!”

“I’m a f***ing teacher! I work in schools!” she screamed. “F*** you! F*** you! I am a teacher! I teach students!”

All the while the protesters simply turned up their own volume — and some simply laughed at the lunacy-filled moment.

“Our families are dying!” she hollered, her high-pitched voice cracking.

In another odd moment she appeared to welcome the attention of those recording her antics, maniacally waving and yelling “hi” to the cameras:

She then hollered “F*** all of you!” before finally driving away as demonstrators chanted “USA! USA! USA!”

Here’s the clip, which was posted to Twitter on Sunday. Content warning: Profanity:

“We are aware of the incident and are investigating,” Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Ken Parshall told KTVZ. He declined to identify the first-year teacher or which school or grades she has taught in, citing personnel confidentiality.

The Jefferson County School District office is located in Madras, about 50 minutes north of Bend, which is in Deschutes County.

The station said more than 2 million people had viewed Twitter and Facebook posts of the profanity-laced video.

Reactions to the Oregonian’s tweet about the teacher’s suspension were all over the map:

“I mean, she wasn’t armed like a lot of these whackados…I’d say she conducted herself just fine,” one commenter wrote.
“She needs a mental health evaluation,” another user opined.
“Freakin psycho.. she told someone to go kill themselves for standing up for their right to be self reliant,” another commenter said. “She should lose her teaching license, she has uncontrollable rage.”
“Should get a promotion and a bonus…the anti-lockdown protests are wrong,” another user noted. “3 weeks of 100% adherance [sic] and it would be over already, but no…”

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