Trump has given conservatives a strong majority on the Supreme Court. And so, we might be seeing some big wings coming our way.

Liberal governors have been trying to lock down and limit businesses and churches. For much of the year, Democrats have forbidden people of faith from gathering—despite our First Amendment protections.

The Supreme Court handed liberal New York a big loss. And now, it’s doing the same for California.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court gave a positive sign to a California church fighting Gov. Gavin Newsom’s restrictions on the number of people allowed at houses of worship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a Thursday order, the court vacated a District Court ruling against Harvest Rock Church with instructions to reconsider their challenge in light of the Supreme Court’s recent rejection of restrictions on prayer services in New York.

In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court sided with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Jewish group Agudath Israel of America. The court issued an injunction against the state’s restrictions that limited prayer services to 10 people or 25 people.

Because of this ruling, the Supreme Court vacated a lower court’s ruling against California church Harvest Rock Church.

California has forbidden 94% of the state’s population from being able to gather in church services. The rest of the state has strict rules on how many people can gather for services.

Churches have fought back, saying any limitations on their right to worship violates the First Amendment. Most would argue the Constitution doesn’t suspend Americans’ religious freedoms just because of a virus.

Keep in mind, we’ve seen numerous California Democrats ignore their own lockdown rules. Gov. Newsom, San Francisco’s mayor, and an LA Country Health Official all broke lockdown rules they themselves voted for.

If they aren’t concerned enough about the virus to avoid restaurants and other gatherings, why can’t religious people go to church?

Let Americans decide what’s best for themselves, to stay healthy and safe. This is a free country, right? Yet everything we’ve seen from Democrats this year suggests they’d rather make the decisions for us—even when it comes to our free exercise of religion.

This ruling signals the court might hand churches in California a big win. That just might teach leftists not to mess with their faith.

Are you glad the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the church, not California?


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