President Trump is planning to expedite his election case directly to the Supreme Court, seeking to prove he “won the legal vote” on Nov. 3, a senior adviser tells Just the News.
Trump campaign senior adviser Steve Cortes told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Friday that the most important task is revealing “as much as we can about the fraud and irregularities that occurred on Nov. 3.”

“If we can overturn even just one state and get it to not certify a Biden win because the vote was so tainted, in a place like Pennsylvania, that alone would be a pretty massive win,” he said, just hours after an appeals court rejected the Trump campaign’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

“We will be appealing to the United States Supreme Court, which has always been where we wanted to end up. The sooner the better. We want to make these cases before the high court and we believe we have a compelling argument to make,” Cortes said.

Speaking about the actual potential for the campaign to reverse the public’s opinion of who won this election, Cortes admitted that the battle going forward will be “uphill,” but “we are by no means out.”

“We had an uphill battle in 2016, we’ve had plenty of uphill battles and we’ve prevailed,” he said…. (Read more)


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