Attorney Sidney Powell says that her battle over the Nov. 3 election is far from over, saying that the evidence she is gathering could turn into a major racketeering case under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Powell appeared Thursday on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business News program and explained what she has found.
Four names, she said, were central to her investigation: Jorge Rodriguez, a former minister for communications for Venezuela; Khalil Majid Mazzoub, whom Powell identified as a link to the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hezbollah; Gustavo Reyes-Zumeta, a computer programmer; and Antonio Mugica, CEO of the elections technology company Smartmatic, which has been linked in some accounts to Dominion Voting Systems.

Questions have been raised over the vulnerability of Smartmatic or Dominion programs or machines to be remotely altered. The companies have denied that it can be done.

The RICO law is probably best known for its use against Mafia families and other organized crime groups, but its provisions allow a RICO suit to be brought by “any person injured in his business or property” by violations of the RICO act.

Dobbs released a summary of Powell’s comments including her claim that a RICO case is in the making.

“We have identifes, roles, and background of Dominion, Smartmatic people,” the summary states. “This will turn into a massive RICO filing. It is Smartmatic, Dominon Voting Sytems, Sequoia, SGO. If you come forward now to cooperate with law enforcement, you will be better off.”

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