Well well well, there’s that necklace again.

Now where have I seen something that looks like that before?

And why does she seem to really love wearing it in every single interview?

Is it because the Deep State loves symbolism?

And she is sending them a symbol right back?

Oh yeah, I know why it looks so familiar, it looks just like this:

Random unrelated question, the penalty for treason is still death, right?

Am I correct about that?

Asking for a friend.

Now back to Powell’s interview.

I thought this was really a great interview, starting off with the host asking her “what is the kraken, and has it been released yet?”

Then we had this:

Sidney Powell: “In Georgia massive evidence of the shaving of votes and flipping to Biden exists in the machines… They’ve been erasing things and destroying evidence as fast as they can do it. I have in my office right now a huge bag of shredded ballots. I can’t wait to see what that discloses… The people of America are not going to allow our president to be defeated by fraudulent election mechanisms. And these people have used every manner of voter fraud you can imagine. It was heavily coordinated. It was heavily funded. They now have 25 lawyers up against us our little team of misfit toys who are trying to fight for truth and justice for the American people… We have scads of evidence… Mr. Raffensperger was flat out lying. There should be a criminal investigation of him and his deputy secretary’s finances around the $1o7 million Dominion contract that was suddenly awarded in Georgia when they didn’t need a new system.

Watch the whole thing right here:


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