Sunday, on Fox News, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) called for term limits for bureaucrats.

Blackburn said,

And you know, Steve, one of the things you touched on about the bureaucracy and cutting it. I have said for a long time — we need to have term limits for bureaucrats because they are the ones that dig in, and they won’t leave, and they never modernize. They don’t use technology. They always demand more money. They never get a pay cut. They are always getting pay raises, so we need to have term limits for bureaucrats.”

Would the bureaucracy be cheaper or more expensive if we had term limits? Probably a lot less expensive. Would bureaucrats have more or less power? They would probably have a lot less power. Do Americans benefit from having career bureaucrats? Maybe in some very limited cases, but mostly “no.”

Getting term limits for members of Congress would take a Constitutional Amendment, but term limits for bureaucrats? That could be done via legislation or perhaps even executive orders in some instances and it would be worth doing.

Conservatives have the awful habit of wanting to fix all our problems at once with the right leader or the right piece of legislation. For all their flaws, liberals understand incrementalism. In every fight, every institution, every situation, they are trying to move things a little more in their direction until they can get things to the point where a big move is easy to do.

That’s the direction we need to go in. Make the federal government a little weaker any way we can. Find ways to cut off funds to liberal groups. Undermine unions. Support the church a little bit. Reduce regulations and yes, term limits for bureaucrats. Over time, those small changes really add up and this is one worth pursuing.


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