President Donald Trump called the special election taking place in Georgia on Tuesday”illegal and invalid” in a series of tweets on Friday.

Trump later noted that he will be in Georgia on Monday to campaign for Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who faces Democratic Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the high-stakes contest.

If Republicans win one or both contests, they will hold a majority in the chamber. If Democrats win both races, the Senate would be spilt 50-50. In a divided Senate, ties are broken by the vice president.

On Friday, Trump issued three tweets explaining his contention that changes in voting rules in various states rendered the November election results invalid.

Trump has pushed back on the results of the presidential election. Even though Democratic nominee Joe Biden won enough Electoral College votes to be declared the winner, Trump’s campaign has insisted that there has been voter fraud in states that include Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

However, despite numerous claims of voting irregularities, including affidavits alleging fraud sworn by reported eyewitnesses, no court has yet ruled that widespread fraud materially affected the results of the presidential election.

“Before even discussing the massive corruption which took place in the 2020 Election, which gives us far more votes than is necessary to win all of the Swing States (only need three), it must be noted that the State Legislatures were not in any way responsible for the massive…,” Trump tweeted.

“….changes made to the voting process, rules and regulations, many made hastily before the election, and therefore the whole State Election is not legal or Constitutional. Additionally, the Georgia Consent Decree is Unconstitutional & the State 2020 Presidential Election.”

“….is therefore both illegal and invalid, and that would include the two current Senatorial Elections. In Wisconsin, Voters not asking for applications invalidates the Election. All of this without even discussing the millions of fraudulent votes that were cast or altered!” Trump added.

Trump’s reference to a consent decree was apparently referring to an agreement to set standards for judging the validity of signatures on absentee ballots, according to The New York Times.

In an interview Saturday on “Fox & Friends,” Perdue was upbeat about Republican chances in the special election on Tuesday.

“I’m very confident with the president coming Monday night — the vice president coming Monday — and what we’re doing with our team over the next three days,” Perdue said, according to Fox News.

“Kelly Loeffler and I will get this vote out on Tuesday, and we’ll save America. That’s what this is about. This is the last line of defense from this radical socialist agenda,” he said.

Perdue elaborated on that theme in an Op-Ed on Fox News.

“What should be most frightening to Georgia families, however, is that Ossoff has spent his campaign welcoming the support of far-left liberals like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., making clear that he would serve as a rubber stamp for their destructive policies,” he wrote.

“What would that mean for you? Sky-high taxes, illegal immigrants voting, police defunded, our proud military gutted, private health insurance eliminated, small business out of business, and our Supreme Court packed.

“This radical agenda was once found only on the fringes of American politics. But make no mistake: Jon Ossoff supports it, and if he wins, he will be the vote Democrats need to turn these bad ideas into law,” he wrote.

Citing his achievements working with Trump, Perdue said the special election is a watershed moment for the state and the nation.



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