With just hours to go before polls close, all eyes are on Georgia as the battle for the U.S. Senate majority comes down to the wire.

Over the past two months, Republicans from all over the country have descended on the Peach State in an effort to send GOP Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue back to Capitol Hill.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has been on the ground, urging Republicans to get out the vote. She discussed the high stakes of today’s runoff elections during an interview with Fox and Friends.

“I’m expecting Republicans to show up and make sure to be there for Kelly and David, get them into the Senate so they can continue to defend this country,” Noem said. “Listen I was in Georgia when Kelly debated Warnock and it was astounding to me to watch that debate and to see that she specifically asked him to denounce socialism. She specifically asked him to denounce Marxism and he refused and that should have told the story right there about the choice that we have today for this country and our path going forward.”

“My hope is that everybody understands the consequences. Leadership does have consequences. When you give people the ability to go to DC and represent you, you want to make sure they are experienced, that they’ve been in public office before, that they’ve run businesses and they’ve got a solid head on their shoulders,” she continued. “I recognize people understand the Marxism, the communism, the socialism discussion but they also care about what their life looks like six months from now if their expenses go up, if they have less money in their pockets because these Democrats have raised taxes, that we could in a year and a half, two years, see $4-$5 gasoline as a result of Democrat policies so it’s not just where the country will ten years from now, it’s about what’s does your budget, what’s your family’s opportunities look like if we let Democrats do what they’ve actually been campaigning on.”

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