Sometimes a well-placed photobomb doesn’t spoil things — it makes them better.

British journalist Tom Brook was filming an episode of his monthly film review program “Talking Movies” in Mumbai, India, when an unexpected guest stole the show.

Dog on a motorbike photobombs journalist

The BBC World News host was signing off from the back of a cab when a large white dog riding a scooter suddenly appeared in the window behind him. The talented dog was hard to miss — balancing with his hind legs on the back of the scooter and his front paws on his dad’s shoulders.

A video clip of the photobomb was posted to Twitter by Tim Kimber.

The video has since gone viral with thousands of likes and shares. And while this may have been the dog’s first TV appearance, it turns out that the bike-riding pup is a bit of a local celebrity.

Another Twitter user responded to the post with her own video of the pup happily cruising through the streets with his dad. She wrote in a comment: “I asked a local shopkeeper and apparently the dog gets daily rides around the same area.”

The journalist didn’t notice the talented dog during his report — but the pup is finally getting the attention he so deserves.