President Trump turned up the heat on Congress. After they dragged out COVID relief talks, all they could do for Americans was $600 checks.

Trump slammed them for promising billions to other countries, but little for Americans. Now he’s usingd the Impoundment Act to force Congress’ hand to fix the bill’s many problems.

And it looks like Pelosi’s House is getting in line quick. From Fox News:

The House of Representatives on Monday will vote on a bill to send $2,000 stimulus checks to Americans in lieu of the $600 checks included in the coronavirus stimulus and government funding package President Trump signed Sunday night…

The bill the House will vote on Monday was first introduced by Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass. It’s just a few pages long and simply changes the passages in the stimulus Trump just signed that say $600 to $2,000.

Trump called on Congress to cut spending to foreign nations and outlined other demands for this relief bill. So far, it appears Congress is willing to address one part of his complaint: the measly $600 checks they planned to send to Americans.

But they’re obviously avoiding a fix for Trump’s other demands to lower their payments to foreign countries.

The president also called on Congress to provide support for renters, more funding of vaccination distribution, and money for the PPP. As of yet, Congress has not said if they will do any of this.

After months of pointing fingers, refusing to supply support for Americans, Congress came up with a bill that Trump says largely ignores the crisis at hand.

Instead, the package funds the government and sends plenty of aid overseas. Remember, it was the government that encouraged the shutdowns, putting millions out of work.

Americans didn’t want their lives upended, to be forced into their homes, and to watch their kids’ educations get derailed.

The least the government can do is make good on its promise to provide relief in the face of this disaster.

President Trump talked about how many Americans have been able to go back to work. That is in mostly Republican-run states that decided to safely reopen.

But in many states, Democrats have refused to let Americans exercise their rights to work and make a living.

Until these Democrats change their policies (or they are replaced), this might go on for a long time.


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