The Pennsylvania State Senate has sent a letter to the United States Congress where they listed a number of concerning issues and voter “irregularities” related to the November election. Near the end of their letter, the Pennsylvania State Senate asks the United States Congress to delay certification of the Electoral College to allow due process as they “pursue election integrity in our Commonwealth.

Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who has already shared his intent to reject the electoral votes tomorrow, shared the Pennsylvania Senate’s letter to Congress on Twitter, where he assured Americans VP Pence and President Trump will receive a copy of the letter.

President Trump has also tweeted a copy of the letter.

Pennsylvania State Rep Johnn Joyce is also boldly standing behind his fellow State Republicans in their efforts to disallow voter fraud to go unchecked in their state.

Today is going to be a big day. Pray for our elected Republican leaders to have the courage and strength to do what is right and to stop the steal of our elections.


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