Trump has warned conservatives for years that Fox News isn’t the network they thought it was. Well, this election, people finally figured it out.

First, Fox News declared Arizona long before votes were counted. Then, they jumped on the MSM’s bandwagon to claim Biden won—despite weeks of legal challenges.

Shocked at how Fox News appears to have revealed its true colors, Americans have been ditching them for other networks.

In fact, alternative cable channels have seen a boost, thanks to Fox’s supposed betrayal. And they are losing ground to much smaller Newsmax.

From CNN:

Newsmax TV has notched a ratings win over Fox News Channel for the very first time…

In the key 25- to 54-year-old demographic prized by advertisers, “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax out-rated “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Fox.

We had to go to CNN’s “reporting” for this story because Fox News won’t be happy to admit it.

But the facts are clear, even if CNN is saying it. Fox News is losing ground because it is no longer viewed as a “conservative” media outlet.

Newsmax has become one of several outlets former Fox viewers have been flocking to, ever since the election.

Plenty of conservatives trusted Fox because they believed they were the one major network that reported things fairly.

But in recent years, that has not always been the case. They fired longtime host Bill O’Reilly after left-wing Media Matters launched a boycott.

Ever since then, it seems the network has slid further and further left. Trump protested when they hired Donna Brazile as a contributor.

The woman literally ran the DNC. But we’re supposed to think Fox News is pro-Republican?

Only a few evening hosts appear to be holdouts for honest reporting. The rest of the lineup appears to sound more and more like CNN or MSNBC.

Should we be surprised they are losing viewers?

Who are you watching these days: Fox News or Newsmax?


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