After delaying a COVID relief deal for months, Congress cobbled together something at the end of 2020.

But the promised payments were replaced with $600 checks. An amount many consider too small.

President Trump pushed to increase the payments to $2,000, but those plans were stalled in Congress.

Another round of relief payments was rumored to be around the corner. But they might depend on the outcome of the Georgia runoffs. From CBS News:

So are Americans going to receive a third stimulus check? It may very well depend on the January 5 runoff elections in Georgia, where control of the Senate hangs in the balance…

An effective Democratic majority increases the likelihood of another round of stimulus. Democrats already support giving more money to Americans. And two more votes in the Senate, plus the tiebreaker, would give them enough to overcome the fiscally conservative Republicans who effectively blocked a second stimulus package for much of 2020.

Some say that if Democrats gain the Senate, they will vote for more relief money. That’s a bit of a stretch, however, considering how they’ve acted during the pandemic.

Most blue states shut down businesses and services once it was too late, instead of issuing smarter preventative measures. They crippled Americans’ ability to earn an income just as a terrible virus hit the country.

They passed some relief in March but denied replenishing the PPP until it was out of money.

While Republicans pushed for more relief over the Summer, Nancy Pelosi refused. She finally supported a “relief” bill that had a lot of money in it for foreign countries—but fairly small stimulus checks for Americans.

Pelosi denied Americans help as she packed her fridge full of gourmet ice cream.

Her latest bill would provide tax cuts for the rich in blue states while giving out pennies to most Americans.

Should the Democrats win the Senate, why should we think they’d do anything different? With more power and more votes, they have no reason to negotiate and work across the aisle.


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