The shirtless man seen on the dais of the U.S. Senate with a painted face and wearing a horned fur hat has been identified as a QAnon supporter.

According to the Arizona Republic, he is Jake Angeli, who has been a regular at Arizona right-wing political rallies over the past year.

The newspaper said Angeli can be seen in photographs amid the mob at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. And the New York Post noted he was seen posing in the chair occupied earlier by Vice President Mike Pence, at the beginning of the election certification proceedings

Angeli had also been a fixture at pro-Trump rallies, where he typically wears the hat with horns.

He had previously told the Republic he wears the hat and paint as a way to attract attention.

Then, he said, he is able to speak to people about his beliefs about QAnon and other truths he says remain hidden.

The Arizona Republic reported that during a February 2020 rally for Trump in Phoenix he held up a tattered sign that read: “Q sent me.”


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